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Recent Incidents

  • Pro plan disruption

    Resolved in 5 minutes
    Affected Service: Engine August 09, Fri

    User subscribed to our Pro plan may have seen Mergify not working for a few hours due to a hiccup in our backend.

    23:08, Aug 09 UTC

    We've deployed a fix that makes the engine work correctly again for Pro plan subscribers.

    23:13, Aug 09 UTC
  • Engine lagging

    Resolved in 2 hours
    Affected Service: Mergify Engine April 17, Wed

    Our processing engine had an incident earlier today and is still processing its backlog.

    14:14, Apr 17 UTC

    The service is now back to normal.

    16:36, Apr 17 UTC
  • Engine is out

    Resolved in 10 hours
    Affected Service: Engine July 13, Fri

    Following the incident earlier today, our engine needs to be brought down again for maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    19:28, Jul 12 UTC

    The engine is now back and running.

    06:19, Jul 13 UTC
  • Electrical incident in datacenter

    Resolved in 7 hours
    Affected Service: Engine July 12, Thu

    An electrical incident in the datacenter hosting our engine has brought done our network provider. We're working on getting up and running.

    05:31, Jul 12 UTC

    Our engine is back and running! It's currently processing its backlog, so it might take sometime to merge your pull request.

    12:36, Jul 12 UTC

    Backlog has been processed. Enjoy!

    13:23, Jul 12 UTC
  • No incidents reported